3 great sales tips for qualifying cloud customers

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Cloud services are growing faster than the IT industry overall. So it’s important that IT sales teams start thinking differently and developing new strategies for qualifying customers.

Cloud Is a Different Kind of Animal

Selling cloud is different than selling traditional IT and can be a challenge. It’s a shift from selling products, to learning their customers’ pain points and then suggesting cloud-based solutions. In many ways, it’s a more analytical type of sale.

Another challenge for cloud sales people is the wide ranging reactions people have toward cloud. For many prospective customers, cloud is still confusing, so the qualifying process will include a bit of education on everything from what is the cloud to how cloud-based applications are secure.
So how do you tackle these challenges? Here are three tips that can help.

3 Tips for Qualifying New Cloud Customers

  1. The IT manager or the CIO is no longer your primary customer in the business. In many mid-market and large enterprises, line departments such as finance, marketing, logistics and sales are taking charge of their business applications. They might consult with IT about technical standards or integration, but they want to be in charge for purchasing decisions. Technology has become simpler and more transparent, so business users are driving many of their own cloud application purchases.
  2. Customers buy applications and services that answer business needs when they subscribe to a cloud service. For example, they don’t buy a marketing automation suite and the underlying technology; they buy a way to streamline communication with customers, measure marketing performance, and optimize conversions. One of the best ways for getting companies on board with cloud, especially those that may be new to it or apprehensive, is helping them choose the right application to get started.
  3. Do they have the budget? During your first conversation with a prospective customer, your job is to discover if they’ve got the budget to buy your offering and if you’re talking to the right person who has the authority to buy. There are several questions to ask a prospective customer for your cloud product, including how does your company make cloud purchases? Who are the people involved in the process? How is the decision made?

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Last modified: May 3, 2019