Arrow Bandwidth Podcast – Demystifying IoT

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There is a lot of confusion around the internet of things and what it is or isn’t. We know about talking refrigerators and programmable toasters, but IoT is much more than that. What is IoT exactly? Is IoT at the edge? Is it the cloud? Is it the data center? Is it all of the above? Tune in to this episode of Arrow Bandwidth to hear Davitt Potter and guest speakers Nik Sanchez and Kirk Bohn answer all of these questions and demystify what IoT is and how to get started in this space.

Davitt Potter
Global Practice Leader, Arrow
Davitt Potter’s early real-world education began at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, where he was a field engineer, systems architect and security/infrastructure consultant. Potter joined Arrow in 2010 and currently leads the two of our global practice areas, assisting with global go-to-market strategies, emerging technology incubation, CTO/CISO consulting and helping customers and their end-users with IT strategy planning and management.

Kirk Bohn
Business Development Representative, Arrow
Kirk is an IoT Partner Development Specialist who has been with Arrow for over nine years. He is passionate about creating go-to-market strategies for mid-market and enterprise technology partners around IoT and Edge Computing. As a channel veteran, he loves solving problems and bringing partners together to develop solutions to business problems.

Nik Sanchez
Business Development Manager, Arrow
Based in Denver, Colorado, Nik is an experienced distribution and IoT professional with a background in IT Services, IoT and operations. His channel background combined with extensive operations experience has contributed to his competence in working with suppliers, channel partners and customers in the IoT space where projects regularly span practices, purchasing centers, and technology. Prior to joining Arrow Electronics, he led a supplier driven IoT initiative focused on extending and creating markets within the Operational Technology and Industrial verticals. Nik’s abilities to bring resources together and help give shape to, and move IoT projects from concept to solutions have served each of his organizations well.

Last modified: July 30, 2019