Arrow Bandwidth Podcast – The Hidden Values of Cloud

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Fifteen years ago, the thought of running IT production workloads anywhere but on-premises was unthinkable. But times have changed, and now cloud has become a normal and trusted part of business operations.

Cloud has proven that location doesn’t matter anymore, as long as workloads are quickly and securely available. During this Arrow Bandwidth podcast, you’ll learn:

  • What the best approach to cloud is (private, public or hybrid)
  • If it will do everything your customers imagine
  • If it is financially feasible
  • If it is really secure
  • What can Arrow do to facilitate an end-to-end cloud solution

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David Fearne
Global Data Intelligence Practice Leader, Arrow
David Fearne has been at Arrow for eight years, working in UKI, EMEA and global roles. He was most recently the technical director of Arrow’s enterprise computing solutions business in the U.K. and Ireland. Fearne specializes in big data and all things cloud, and he was one of the founders of ArrowSphere. In 2017, he was recognized as one of the 50 most influential people in big data in the U.K.

Davitt Potter
Global Practice Leader, Arrow
Davitt’s early real-world education began at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, where he was a field engineer, systems architect and security/infrastructure consultant. Potter joined Arrow in 2010 and quickly moved up to director of technical services. He currently leads the two of our global practice areas, assisting with global go-to-market strategies, emerging technology incubation, CTO/CISO consulting, and helping customers and their end-users with IT strategy planning and management.

T.J. Kilgore
Cloud Solution Architect, Arrow
New to Arrow, T.J. previously worked in senior IT leadership for the U.S. DOD, global financial services, global contract and logistics, cold-chain supply chain and consumer packaged goods. T.J. is currently focusing on all things required for migration to the cloud, as well as enterprise transformation. In addition to cloud, T.J. also focuses machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Last modified: May 3, 2019