Have old, tired equipment? Let Arrow come to the rescue!

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By Chad Frazier
Senior Vice President
Business Development – Data Center/Cloud 
Arrow SI
In our recent article, How to weave the perfect IT services tapestry, we unveiled Arrow’s eight Life Cycle Services. As discussed in the article, our experts can easily and effectively weave Arrow’s award-winning services into the life of your customers’ IT solutions.
So far, we have discussed our advisory services, implementation services, staffing services, maintenance services, education services, on-demand services and managed support services. Now we are going to focus on the last wedge in our services wheel – Arrow’s value recovery services, delivered courtesy of Arrow Sustainable Technology Solutions, that provide sustainable solutions and end-of-cycle care for your technology-displaced assets.

Why Arrow Sustainable Technology Solutions?

It happens to all of us. Time keeps ticking, the days go by and we keep getting older. But it’s not just us that are aging. Computer hardware ages, too… and a lot quicker than we’d like.
So, what can you do when your servers, laptops, storage appliances, smartphones, etc., become obsolete, worn out or just plain old? Just give Arrow a call. We can help with our world-class, global supply chain and logistics operation – value recovery services!
Over the years, Arrow has become an expert in the reverse logistics space, and we provide a wide variety of offerings that address common challenges faced in the high-tech industry across all stages of a product’s life. Our goal is to strengthen an organization’s disposal of retired assets based on their unique needs, providing additional security, visibility, traceability and peace of mind.
Our value recovery services are custom-designed to offer solutions to these common problems:

  • Keeping sensitive data from getting into wrong hands
  • Ensuring intellectual property is disposed of properly
  • Preventing toxic compounds from poisoning the environment
  • Ensuring compliance of inventory and sensitive data
  • Avoiding significant fines, lawsuits and damaging negative publicity

So, if you want to protect your brand, uncover opportunities for greater efficiencies and capture value at the end of an IT product’s lifecycle, then Arrow is here for you.

Arrow Sustainable Technology Solutions Overview

Recognized by Gartner as a “Leader in IT Asset Disposition,” Arrow’s world-renowned Sustainable Technology Solutions team incorporates 30+ years of combined expertise to provide a full range of offerings that strengthen the overall chain-of-custody for retired assets. From full on-site data destruction to sealed, dedicated containers, our flexible services offer security, visibility, traceability and peace of mind in retiring IT and electronics devices based on the customers’ unique needs.
In addition, we provide specialized IT asset disposition (ITAD), aftermarket solutions, and reverse supply chain solutions around the globe that protect brands and enable technology users to uncover opportunities for greater efficiencies and value capture at the end of the IT product lifecycle.
To enable these services, Arrow owns and operates facilities around the globe to fully support our clients. We adhere to high standards for data security and environmental compliance, and are equipped to serve, regardless of where assets reside. In locations where there is not an Arrow facility, vetted and trusted partners provide high-quality, compliant solutions, which enables us to reach more areas of the globe and reduce transportation costs.

How Does It Work?

From the moment a client contacts Arrow and their assets are retrieved, the assets are closely guarded to ensure their physical and data security. We also establish an auditable and secure chain-of-custody throughout the entire process based on the client’s requirements. Here’s how it works:

  1. Secure Logistics – Proper IT asset disposition begins with careful preparation and secure transportation of your retired IT assets. Arrow offers a variety of transportation options based on level of security required, type of equipment, staffing, location, and value return opportunity.
  2. Shipment Receipt – This step confirms secure chain of custody by reviewing/validating the Asset Recovery Worksheet and driver Bill of Lading, the secure/sealed truck, pallet count and weight, and visual inspection.
  3. Device Audit – The shipment is unpackaged, and each asset is registered and bar coded. The audit process captures critical elements of information including asset type, part number, manufacturer, model, serial number, asset tag and weight.
  4. Remarketing Cutline – Arrow’s cutline identifies assets that have potential remarketing value and routes those assets to specific work areas for further Arrow also identifies data-bearing subcomponents.
  5. Data Sanitization / Data Destruction – All devices containing data-bearing media and subcomponents go through a data sanitization process. This action includes data erasure to NIST standards, OEM factory-level reset or physical destruction of data bearing components.
  6. Functional Testing – Once client data is removed from the device, Arrow technicians perform a sequence of tests to exercise and validate complete functionality of the device. Additional configuration information (CPU speed, memory, hard drive, video and sound cards, etc.) is collected in this step to better assess the value of the asset. Assets that fail this testing may be repaired to attain maximum value recovery. Finally, the units are inspected for overall cosmetic condition and, based on visual inspection, grading is assigned. Dependent on the technology cutline, a Microsoft Authorized image may be installed to increase retail value of the device.
  7. Quality Check – This is the final step in the production process where assets are processed through a final inspection, including accurately capturing data, completing data security processes and adhering to all client requirements.
  8. Device Remarketing – Based on the age, condition and configuration of the device, assets are routed to one of several remarketing inventory channels that will ensure the highest value recovery. This step in the process is also used for clients that want to do internal redeployment, lease returns and/or charity support.
  9. Recycle (EOL) – For assets that are below tech cutline or beyond economical repair, Arrow de-manufactures the device and separates core commodities (pcbs, power supplies, plastic, precious metals, glass). This material is sent to Arrow’s authorized downstream processors for further refinement (smelting, grinding, incineration).

Weaving Together the Solution

Our clients are always coming to us asking for solutions for their retired IT assets and old technologies. They struggle with the fact that the original assets may still have value. More importantly, they probably contain sensitive data that needs to be properly eradicated.
Decommissioning surplus and end-of-life technology can be as much of an opportunity as it is a liability – and it requires a full assessment of potential risks. Some of the solutions that we’ve woven together for our customers include:

  • Data sanitation
  • Destruction services
  • Equipment removal
  • Repairing, refurbishing, remarketing and reselling equipment
  • Internal redeployment
  • Employee purchase or corporate donation programs
  • Harvesting usable parts and responsible recycling in an environmentally friendly and compliant manner

Contact Us

As data security, global compliance and value return issues continue to grow in scope and complexity, Arrow’s team of experts remains focused on listening to each client’s situation, understanding their goals and looking out for their future needs. We want to protect your bottom-line, your brand, your customers and make your life a little easier with the perfect tapestry of solutions for your aging equipment.
For more information, contact your Arrow representative.

Last modified: September 26, 2019