Arrow Services, Then and Now

Arrow is constantly evolving to find better ways we can serve our partner community. This year, Arrow services have undergone a huge refresh with a big emphasis on taking steps out of the process, ultimately providing more customized and high-quality services to meet our partners’ needs in a more cost-effective and timely manner.

Arrow Services Leader Lalo Montenegro joined us in an Arrow Bandwidth Podcast, “Introduction to Arrow Services: Our Value to You,” to explain what some of these changes will look like and what advantages are now posed for Arrow partners and suppliers.

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“The problem with overpromising,” Montenegro said, “is that it leads to delivery challenges that hinder the success of Arrow, our partners and end-users.”

Starting with eight suppliers, Arrow is narrowing its focus in order to provide the highest possible quality and commitment.

Arrow previously didn’t have an organization specifically dedicated to services; we instead had our engineers facing these opportunities. We have invested in a new services and sales organization specifically dedicated to understanding the challenges of our VARs, allowing our employees to be seasoned experts in their own line of business and delegate the appropriate questions to our services experts. These are experienced services leaders who are equipped with the channel knowledge needed to be fully responsible and accountable to our partners’ opportunities.

Fostering Efficiency

Arrow wants to help advise where resources are best spent, even if it means looking somewhere else, in order to make the channel more efficient. We now promise a 24-hour turnaround – within 24 hours, we will determine the scope of a project and let our partners know whether we can or cannot deliver on a services obligation right away, enabling them to be more productive if they need to look elsewhere for a time-sensitive need.

With our new SKUd approach, the scope of work is predefined. Partners will see quick execution and cost-savings. Our inside sales reps are now able to add services easily to any quote, which means you won’t need to fill out more paperwork after your initial request!

“We understand that our customers’ reputations are on the line, and are committed to ensuring that they’re preserved,” said Montenegro.

Why Arrow?

Educating partners about our services is another huge part of this transition. We know that our partners already offer a tremendous amount of value with service offerings of their own, and we don’t want to compete with this. But if you are faced with a project that is on the line, we will help you put your best foot forward and determine where we can add the most value based on the resources you are lacking and the most important or most time-sensitive deals.

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At Arrow Technology Summit, Montenegro joined “Arrow Show and Tell Session: Solutions That Save Lives,” a session demonstrating a few extremely compelling use cases and how Arrow can help create solutions like these. Watch the session video now!

Last modified: October 14, 2019