Arrow Tech Summit Brings Opportunities to Light

At the Arrow Tech Summit last August, attendees heard from industry leaders on security, IoT, hybrid cloud, data intelligence, nextgen data center, and market intelligence. Here is a brief summary of each of the main stage discussions with links to view the presentations in their entirety.
Security: How to Equip Your Customers for the “When”
Security is a top concern and a huge challenge for organizations of all sizes. It’s not a matter of “if” a breach will occur, but “when” it will occur and how you will be prepared. This panel discussion is centered around how to make security a business-enabler instead of a threat.
IoT: Pick a Path and Bring Your Sherpa With You
Repeatable IoT solutions are being built today by leading suppliers and Arrow. But you need a strategic approach to be successful. This panel discussion with executives from Intel, Microsoft and Arrow will give you insight into the world of IoT.
Hybrid Cloud: What You Need to Know About Hybrid Cloud and the Buyer’s Journey
In this panel discussion, you will learn about hybrid cloud, the marketplace and how the buyer’s journey has changed over the last few years. These changes have greatly impacted the sales process, as end-customers seek the best solutions to their business challenges. You will also hear new ideas of how to stay in front of the sales conversation.
Data Intelligence: Ingest, Transform, Store and Explore
Gaining value and insight from data that can drive business is a challenge. In this panel discussion with industry leaders, learn how data intelligence can be broken down into four strategic and manageable stages. You will gain insight into how to help your customers develop a strategy to derive data, create information, steer processes and make informed decisions.
NextGen Data Center: NextGen Data Center Opportunities: Fact or Fiction
Many new technologies are having an impact on IT departments across the globe. This panel discussion includes key information about data center transformation, the role of blockchain, and the importance of cyber hygiene. Arrow partners will learn how to advise their end-customers on how to remain relevant in their business.
Market Intelligence: Arrow Market Intelligence Provides Know-How to Ramp Sales
This Arrow research team takes a research-driven approach to help shorten sales cycles. Understanding your customer’s business is key, as well as providing them with solutions that have a demonstratable impact on their business. Developments in the areas of security, cloud and IoT are discussed.
You can access video recordings of all the general sessions here – listen to panelists address today’s cutting-edge issues.

Last modified: May 3, 2019