AI – From Possibilities to Production | Video From Arrow Technology Summit 2019


At Arrow Technology Summit, Arrow Global Data Intelligence Practice Leader David Fearne led a discussion with Hitachi Chief Marketing Officer Jonathan Martin and NVIDIA General Manager of Data Science Joshua Patterson to tackle the toughest artificial intelligence questions, addressing what enterprise AI is today, what it has the potential to be and how you can identify opportunities AI poses for your customers.

AI isn’t just a buzzword anymore, it can streamline operational processes and massively increase customer engagement—Martin even mentioned a project using a new approach with AI to help predict the likelihood of getting breast cancer in the future. While we may be embarking on a variety of projects that have the potential to change our lives and society, the majority of AI projects are “science projects” and proofs of concept with very small data sets, Martin mentions.

This session takes a look at the possibilities of AI, how it’s currently used and its potential to add up to $5.8 trillion dollars of repeatable, scalable value to organizations annually.

Do you need to hire a data scientist to get started in AI? An expert Ph.D. to do applied research? What does it actually take to accomplish this? Watch the session video now to identify opportunities in AI and gain familiarity with the end-to-end process of deploying, maintaining and scaling an AI strategy.

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Last modified: October 8, 2019