Avoid disaster with your data safe in the cloud

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Are your customers ready?

Are they ready for disasters like tornadoes, electrical blackouts or cyber attacks? Since natural and man-made disasters could strike at any time, you need to make sure you and your customers keep asking yourself: “Am I ready”?

Safe-Guarding Your Company

We have entered a new world – a world of fully connected devices thanks to cloud technology, mobile networks and end-user device proliferation. It’s an always-on world that is changing the way we live our lives and do business.

But this always-on world is also making us more vulnerable. There’s a lot of data out there with many users of that data trying to reach it to perform their duties; and, if you are not prepared and a disaster occurs, your information could vanish as suddenly as a hurricane can swallow a home.

So, what you need to do is help your customers create a plan that will provide business continuity and protection of their data. The newest—and in many cases, the best—disaster recovery option is the cloud. As with all new technologies, there are concerns and misinformation, but also a lot of good news! Arrow wants to show you your options, so you can decide for yourself if cloud is the best DR choice for your customers.

Benefits of DR in the Cloud

More and more companies are moving to the cloud for their DR solutions. Here are a few of the reasons why:

  • It is an attractive alternative for companies that may be strapped for IT resources, because of its usage-based pricing plans.
  • The need for data center space, IT infrastructure and IT resources is reduced, leading to significant cost reductions.
  • Small companies can now deploy DR plans that were previously only available to large enterprises.
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Important Questions to Ask

But, as with all things, cloud DR solutions aren’t perfect. Therefore, your customers need to know what they are getting into before taking the leap. These are the questions you should ask yourself to ensure you meet your customer’s requirements:

  • Can I be sure my customer’s data will be securely transferred to and stored in the cloud?
  • How will my customers’ users be authenticated? Are passwords the only option? Can I support two-factor authentication?
  • Does my offering meet all the regulatory requirements?
  • How much bandwidth will my customer require? Is the connection sufficient to allow for successful data transmissions on a regular basis? Can I access and run my applications in the cloud resulting in a positive user experience?

Create a Cloud Disaster Recovery Plan With Arrow

Choosing a qualified cloud service provider is essential, and Arrow is here to support you. Our experts can ensure that you have all the tools you need to meet your customers’ exact disaster recovery needs and help you build a focused blueprint for success – both yours and theirs. Arrow will also ensure the customer’s critical apps and data requirements are addressed, as well as establish a testing and execution schedule. After all, without testing, how will you and your client know they are truly protected?

In addition, with Arrow’s deep data center history and knowledge, we will work with you to pair your customers with the best DR strategy to fit their needs. By considering the applications, the operating systems, bare metal or virtualized, HyperV or VMware, existing backup strategies, as well as the customer’s overall cloud strategy, you can rest assured that Arrow has the right fit.

Contact Us Today

Whether your customer’s company is hit with something as small as a dust devil or as big as a cyclone, Arrow will ensure you are prepared to support them with a solid disaster recovery plan.

As Benjamin Franklin said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Rest easy knowing that with Arrow’s support, you can deliver peace of mind for your clients in the unfortunate event that disaster strikes their business.

To learn more, visit ArrowCloud.com or contact us at 877.558.6677 or ecscloudservices@arrow.com. Also be sure to subscribe to the Arrow Cloud Journal to stay up-to-date on all the latest sales enablement news from Arrow.

By Bryan S. Hamilton
Cloud Solution Architect
Arrow ECS

Last modified: May 2, 2019