The importance of financing big data

Big data and the importance of financing

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Wayne PetersBy Wayne Peters
Senior Director, Arrow Capital Solutions
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Big data can be defined as large amounts of information that can be analyzed in order to discover patterns or trends that lead to better-informed decisions. It can be used to discover new business opportunities, improve productivity and efficiency, and to evaluate opportunities for cost reduction and growth.
The ability to analyze and monetize data is imperative to businesses of all sizes and industries and necessary to maintain a competitive edge. Arrow Capital Solutions, a full-service lender, can help you design a big data finance solution that is customized to your big data requirements.
ACS offers two flexible ways to help customers get the technology they need to run their business:

  • Big data as a license: Similar to a software license, big data can also be sold as a license. Customers purchase rights to use big data for a set period of time.  As such, Arrow Capital offers financing via a Software Payment Agreement or through embedded terms in the ordering document.  This allows the customer to make payments that match the term of the license. Arrow Capital also offers financing for hardware, should it be needed to host the big data.
  • Big data as a service: Like SaaS, big data can be financed by Arrow Capital through a managed services agreement. When purchased as a service, big data is hosted by the service provider or by a third-party. This allows the client to avoid purchasing extra hardware for servers and storage.

Benefits of Financing

As the captive financing arm of Arrow, ACS provides seamless, integrated solutions that are designed to deliver an improved customer experience. Taking advantage of any of ACS’ financing solutions ensures that both the solution provider and the vendor can accelerate revenue recognition and drive larger more profitable sales. Financing big data, as opposed to making an up-front purchase, allows your customers to retain one of their most important assets—cash—while still acquiring the entirety of the solution needed.
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Arrow vendor partners and solution providers benefit from financing, because it eliminates credit risk while increasing credit capacity. The customer can plan a long-term budget with a predictable monthly payment that matches the term of the license. Aligning payments to match the usage or licensing term allows the user a more predictable budget outcome. Plus, adding needed hardware into the deal can result in a lower overall cost with one consolidated solution.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in July 2016 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

Last modified: May 3, 2019