Five Technology Trends That Will Influence 2020

The coming of a new year always brings curiosity — and sometimes anxiety. We all are wondering what the future holds and how will it affect us.

Fortunately, Arrow’s experts are already on the case. According to Mark McHale, Arrow Electronics vice president of Northwest EMEA, in 2020, we will see a continual rise of automation, risk-based security, serverless computing and next-generation communications. Here are Mark’s top five trends to watch for 2020.

The view that a business like Arrow has across the entire channel offers invaluable insights that allow us to understand the barriers enterprises have to adopting technology, but, more importantly, it allows us to understand how to overcome these challenges. Mark McHale, Arrow Electronics vice president of Northwest EMEA

2020 Top Five Tech Trends

  • Citizen data scientist: Businesses will focus on arming themselves with the right tools to gather and host up-to-date data that can provide meaningful value.
  • Automation: With intent to focus employees on complex, high-impact tasks, organizations will look to automation to drive down costs and deliver more to their customers. Read about Arrow’s Robotic Process Automation Journey.
  • Risk-based security: With increasing cyber attacks and modern threats, a risk-scoring system will be used to provide insight into the reputational, operational or financial risks that are most detrimental for organizations to focus on.
  • Serverless computing: Serverless computing offers attractive scalability, cost and performance, and it will help deliver agile application delivery.
  • Next-generation communications: Next-generation satellite technology will bring low-cost, fast connectivity to every corner of the earth and empower business models that haven’t been achievable so far.

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Last modified: January 28, 2020