Fortune 500 company gets a big CI assist from Arrow

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Value-Add Center quoteArrow’s Value-Add Center in Phoenix, Ariz., is a state-of-the-art facility that provides comprehensive integration and logistic services. Our well-qualified engineering staff can build anything your customer needs ‒ whether the requirements are standard or custom. And that’s just what they did for a Fortune 500 company that needed a converged infrastructure solution.

Background Information

The customer in this success story is a Fortune 500 oil and gas company that decided to update its IT business structure to a converged infrastructure at six of their facilities. The customer contacted one of Arrow’s partners, a full-service computer technology reseller, to help them analyze and implement the new hardware and software they would require. The partner had heard about Arrow’s Value-Add Center and thought it might provide the much-needed solutions that would make the customer’s CI project run more smoothly and meet all of their needs.

Company Challenge

The customer wanted to update its IT infrastructure to a converged infrastructure without interrupting their normal business operations. They were looking for a one-stop integration center that could put together a CI solution externally, which would prevent their staff from taking time out of their day for creating, configuring and testing. Fortunately, Arrow was there to help.

Arrow Solution

The customer and the partner visited the Arrow Value-Add Center in Phoenix to get an overview of what could be done for them. The scope of the project increased when they learned about all of the center’s additional capabilities.
Arrow, our partner and the customer then collaborated to determine the scope of work and all the unique requirements for the custom CI solution. Next, the hardware and software were ordered. And, finally, a schedule was rolled out based on the customer’s needs.
All of the materials were shipped to the Arrow Value-Add Center, where Arrow technicians received, inspected and built the CI solution into the racks. Using an online collaboration tool called SmartSheet, all stakeholders in the project were able to share information or answer questions at any point in time.
The Arrow Value-Add Center then created and configured all the equipment and software that was needed for the CI solution and held it until the customer was ready to accept deliveries.
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Benefits of the Arrow Value-Add Center

  • Saved travel time and money, since the customer only went to the Arrow Value-Add Center once
  • Allowed all six CI racks to be built, integrated, tested and warehoused at just one facility
  • Increased end-user flexibility, because shipments could be made to each location depending on its readiness schedule – and not based upon warehouse requirements
  • Greatly reduced final installation time, because the solution was turn-key and delivered in racks that had all been pre-loaded with the customer’s proprietary information, as well as tested and verified

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For more information about Arrow’s converged infrastructure solutions, please contact the Arrow Value-Add Center.
Editor’s note: This article was originally published in October 2016 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

Last modified: September 26, 2019