If There a Future for Windows

Is There a Future for Microsoft Windows?

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Microsoft Windows is a group of several graphical operating system families that have been developed, marketed and sold by Microsoft. Microsoft introduced the Windows operating system in 1985 because of growing interest in graphical user interfaces and today it holds a 90% market share. Windows makes computer systems user-friendly with its graphical displays and organizational abilities. The use of icons and other tools simplify complex computer operations.
There is much chatter among Microsoft followers that change is underway for Windows. There is evidence that Windows is a much lower priority for Microsoft than in previous years, even though there are 700 million active devices.
In a recent The Verge article titled “Microsoft is Ready for a World Beyond Windows,” author Tom Warren says cloud and artificial intelligence are Microsoft’s future bets. “Windows as we know it is no longer critical to Microsoft’s future success,” Warren adds.
Read the entire article about Microsoft’s latest reorganization, what it implies about the outlook of Windows, and other indicators about the future of Windows.

Last modified: May 3, 2019