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Maximize Performance and ROI With Intel Workload Optimized Processors

Optimizing each workload is a challenge for the data center. As a result, Intel has developed a number of different processor lines that meet your customers’ compute needs to maximize performance and ROI.  By adopting a workload-optimized technique, these processors can lower overall data center costs while providing major advantages. Maximizing ROI using a workload-optimized approach focuses on four main areas:

  • Business Case – Acquisition cost vs. business value
  • Workload Characteristics – Technical profile of the applications
  • Scale – Handling peak loads and future growth
  • Application Considerations – Software licensing cost per core

To learn more about optimizing the processor choice for your customer with the potential to upsell to an optimal solution for your customer, visit the Arrow-Intel IT Modernization website and download the Intel Optimized Workload Processor sales enablement tools.

Solving the Most Demanding Memory and Storage Challenges

On March 19, Intel unveiled the Intel Optane SSD DC P4800X Series, which enables new possibilities to transform storage and memory architectures for the data center. Built with the revolutionary new 3D XPoint memory media, the SSD DC P4800X is the first product to combine the attributes of memory and storage. When deployed as extended memory, this drive expands the system memory pool, creating bigger, more cost-effective memory.

Disruptive Innovations to Knock Down the “I/O Wall”

Intel Omni-Path Architecture (Intel OPA), an element of Intel Scalable System Framework, delivers the performance for tomorrow’s high-performance computing workloads and the ability to scale to tens of thousands of nodes at a price competitive with today’s fabrics.  View OPA’s benefits below and then learn more about the advantages of Intel OPA solutions here.

  • Higher Performance – Up to 17% lower latency and 7% higher messaging rate than InfiniBand EDR
  • Better Economics – Up to 26% more compute nodes and better price-performance than InfiniBand EDR
  • More Power Efficient – Up to 60% lower power than InfiniBand EDR with more efficient switches/cards and a reduction in switch count and cables
  • Greater Resiliency – No additional latency penalty with  “no compromise” error detection and link continuity
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Did You Know?

Throughout the NCAA March Madness tournament, Intel  showcased Intel True VR and 360-degree technologies that live streamed games in virtual reality, enabling viewers to completely control the viewing perspective or opt for a produced VR broadcast in their VR headset.

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