Get to Know the VMware vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager

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The  VMware vRealize™ Suite is a purpose-built management solution for the heterogeneous data center and the hybrid cloud. It is designed to deliver and manage infrastructure and applications to increase business agility while maintaining IT control. It provides the most comprehensive management stack for private and public clouds, multiple hypervisors and physical infrastructure.

VMware’s Lifecycle Manager Is Free!

Lifecycle Manager™ comes FREE with the VMware vRealize Suite in all three editions. It automates install, configuration, upgrade, patch, configuration management, drift remediation and health from within a single pane of glass.

Highlights of vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager

  • Rapid installation: It boasts a simple and flexible deployment model with product and solution-based installation supported. It also automates the environment replication and validation process.
  • Easy ongoing management: Automated configuration and drift management is included along with health-monitoring capabilities.
  • One-click upgrade: The upgrade and patching process is simple and includes an environment snapshot function.
  • DevOps for infrastructure contents: Out-of-the-box pipelines automate the capture, version control, testing and deployment of vRealize contents across multiple users and different environments.
  • In-product marketplace: Integration with the VMware Solution Exchange (VSX) marketplace enables simple access and consumption of curated contents and out of-the-box building blocks provided by VMware and ecosystem partners.
  • Best practice implementation: Alignment is easy with VMware-recommended reference architectures and validated design (VMware Validated Design™) through pre-defined settings.

 The Best Way to Manage Your vRealize Suite

The vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager helps organizations speed up initial deployments, minimize admin tasks of ongoing product management and ensure best practices at the same time.

Whether you choose to use an individual product or different suite editions, always start with vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager to maximize the benefit of the vRealize product portfolio by reducing the time and effort invested.

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Last modified: November 15, 2019