Global Auto Manufacturer Finds Success With Arrow, HPE and Ciber

Client and Challenge

A global automotive manufacturer sought to enhance the design of its diesel engines to improve their truck design and speed time to market. The manufacturer also wanted to solve complex design flaws to stay in regulatory compliance and avoid expensive recalls. For testing and improvement initiatives, the engineers relied upon data from a myriad of sensors, devices and other sources – most of which was siloed. Furthermore, the sheer scope of total available data from the many entry points was daunting.

Ciber’s Solution

Ciber, an Arrow partner, determined that the manufacturer would require two solutions to meet its goals:

  • Disparate data needed to be integrated through an IoT network by a solution that could also handle data blending and analysis.
  • An extremely powerful, flexible and scalable computing infrastructure would be necessary to handle processing and replace the current, outdated hardware hampering the effort.

On the software side, Ciber planned to recommend Viviota Time-to-Insight software, which is optimized to handle the complexities and scale of engineering data. The challenge was to identify a hardware solution powerful enough to quickly and efficiently process the massive data pool that would result.

Arrow and HPE Meet the Challenge

To meet the processing challenge, Ciber turned to its hardware distributor, Arrow Electronics. Consultants at Arrow worked closely with Ciber’s engineers to analyze the project requirements. Ultimately, they recommended HPE Edgeline, a converged system that integrates unprecedented levels of edge compute, precision data capture and control, data center-class security, and device and systems management paired with large, blazing-fast storage capabilities in a single, converged box.

With the reliability and trustworthiness of such a groundbreaking solution being paramount, Ciber relied heavily on Arrow to not only package and drop-ship a complete solution, but also successfully persuade HPE to warranty the entire framework.

Client Profile

  • Diesel engine division of a global automotive manufacturer


  • HPE Edgeline EL4000
  • m510 (8-core) high-density server cartridges
  • Windows 10 Professional for each compute node
  • Viviota appliance

Partner Success

Because of this successful solution, Ciber solidified its reputation as an IoT and data intelligence expert in demanding environments, such as those in automotive engineering, aeronautics and other industries where fast, precision analyses are vital. In addition, Ciber forged a strong relationship with this automotive manufacturer and is currently discussing projects with its other automotive divisions – from transmission and electrical, to emission controls.

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Last modified: May 14, 2019