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Upgrading security infrastructures to feature next-generation firewall, Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPSs), and other solutions can dramatically enhance security, but may also introduce risk. Upgrading traditional firewalls to next-generation defenses, for example, might take up to four hours per device, a significant amount of downtime that can leave networks unacceptably vulnerable.
Following deployment, next-generation firewalls (NGFWs) and IPS solutions may also need complementary devices to ensure and maintain high availability (HA). Ixia’s intelligent bypass (iBypass) switches add a layer of protection that both enhances resiliency and minimizes downtime. The iBypass device can be installed in minutes to allow optimal use of maintenance windows, and allow attached IPS devices to be brought inline quickly without jeopardizing the flow of live traffic.
While some inline security devices feature built-in bypass capabilities, that doesn’t prevent the device itself from being a single point of failure. If the device goes down, the built-in bypass goes down with it.
Adding an iBypass between, say, a next-gen IPS and firewall adds a fail-safe access port and the required fail-open capabilities needed to ensure the resilience of the upgraded infrastructures.
As a worldwide market and innovation leader in intelligent bypass switching, Ixia solutions feature very high-density options that add future-ready flexibility in large deployments. iBypass also features pre-configured “heartbeats” for monitoring the status of security solutions from Cisco, Imperva, FireEye and other leading providers speed and simplify configuration.
So why not bundle iBypass with every next-gen firewall or IPS solution sale to increase your deal size and profitability—in some cases by up to 40% —while helping customers follow best practices for optimizing defenses.
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Last modified: March 9, 2017