How Arrow can help unravel your business dilemmas

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By Chad Frazier
Senior Vice President
Business Development – Data Center/Cloud 
Arrow ECS
In our recent article, How to Weave the Perfect IT Services Tapestry, we unveiled Arrow’s eight Life Cycle Services. As discussed in the article, our experts can easily and effectively weave Arrow’s award-winning services into the life of your customers’ IT solutions.
Over the next several months, we will be taking you on a deep-dive of each of the Arrow Global Services. This will allow you to decide how best to mix and match them for you and your customers. We will start at the top of the wheel with Arrow Advisory Services.

Get to Know Arrow Advisory Services

Arrow Advisory Services focuses on delivering expert recommendations for solving complex business problems. It includes marrying business imperatives to key communication services inherent within the solutions Arrow provides. This allows customers to realize measureable value in operational efficiency, cost reduction and user adoption – all of which is supported by strong business cases supporting their investments.
Arrow’s Advisory Services bring together best practice methodologies with subject matter experts versed in applicable disciplines to provide holistic solutions that meet the needs of a business.

A Great Example of How It Works

A nationwide insurance company needed to find the right cloud architecture for their 3,000 seat call center and user community of more than 14,000 people. The customer had read the Gartner and Forrester reports; but now they wanted guidance from a system integrator with real, practical, hands-on experience. Enter Arrow Advisory Services.
We suggested a two-day workshop to help them explore the viability of cloud architectures (private, public, premises, hosted and hybrid). By working with their technical and business users, we rapidly quantified their growing business needs, ongoing technical requirements and financial constraints and provided the following:

  • Recommendation of a hybrid architecture (logical design) enabling adjuncts from multiple third-parties
  • Budgetary estimates for integration, implementation and support over a five-year time frame
  • Follow-on work to assist the customer in furthering their evaluation and procurement process

The customer is now engaged in a long-term engagement and working relationship with Arrow. Even the nay-sayers among the customer participants agreed with the results, and there was unanimous agreement as to the value and benefits we provided.

Weaving Together the Solution

When a customer needs our help, Arrow works closely with them and finds ways to:

  • Link enterprise business needs directly to the solution systems design, integration and support
  • Demonstrate business value and technical value
  • Expand reach, touch points, and opportunity in measurable ways
  • Augment the customer’s own technical and business capabilities, including:
  • Fill gaps with custom-fit services to meet individual client requirements
    • Short- and long-term planning guidance
    • Business case development and justification
    • One-time tactical professional services
    • Technical and user community support

Unique Ways to Serve Each Client’s Needs

We bridge the gap between the business and IT technology by providing:

  • Roadmaps: Plan, design and return on investment (ROI) development of  short- and long-term communication solutions for the business
  • Rapid Assessments: Accelerated evaluation of key business/technology issues addressing business critical issues for enterprise clients
  • HealthChecks: Check on business/technology compatibility, capacity, requirements and capability
  • Process: Provide workflow/process design optimization and enablement, taking advantage of inherent communication service capabilities
  • Adoption Services: Create reinforcement programs that drive business gains via utilization of unique features/functions
  • Knowledge Learnings: Design custom, business and technology-specific knowledge transfer
  • Business Access Planning: Develop architecture and design of access services driven by enterprise business needs

If Your Customer Has a Problem You Can’t Solve…

… just call Arrow. If your customer is at a cross-roads and you just don’t know what to do… just call Arrow.  If they have a budget, but are afraid to start spending it… just call Arrow. Our goal is to bridge the gap between business and technology, and help your customers derive tangible, measurable value from their IT technology investments.

Learn More About Arrow’s Advisory Services

Arrow is here to assist in unraveling IT dilemmas for both you and your customers. For more information about Arrow Advisory Services or any of the other Life Cycle Services, just submit a request or contact your Arrow representative.

Last modified: March 1, 2017