On-Demand: How to Build the Next-Generation Cloud Practice

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If you are thinking about how to start or expand your cloud business, you need to listen to the Arrow Leadership call “Building the Next Generation Cloud Practice.” In this on-demand webinar, you will get practical advice and learn how Arrow can help you take the next step in your cloud practice.

Speaker Steve Robinson, Arrow Cloud Global Vice President and General Manager, provides a cloud channel market view perspective, describes a framework you can use to build your business and explains how Arrow can help you achieve your cloud goals. Robinson cites growth opportunity for managed services as a $34B global total available market with a 31.3% CAGR. He feels managed services is key for VAR growth and higher margins.

How to build the nextgen cloud practice
During the webcast, Robinson discusses how VARs need to take a consultative approach when talking to their end-customers and help them answer the following three cloud questions:

  • How do I rationalize cloud with better business outcomes?
  • How do I get to the cloud?
  • How do I lifecycle-manage cloud?

To enable cloud sales and accelerate adoption, Arrow Capital Solutions provides a Pivot to Annuity financial program that helps with a VAR compensation model and eases cash flow. Arrow also offers a customer assessment tool that can help drive revenue. This assessment is based on customer data and can help businesses of all sizes select cloud solutions, establish governance around cloud usage and drive the adoption of hybrid cloud.

You will also hear about the go-to-market framework that Arrow provides for VARs to enable their cloud business with ArrowSphere. The ArrowSphere line card includes Cloud Security, Cloud Infrastructure and Operations, and Cloud Big Data Analytics. This framework facilitates reselling and building cloud solutions. Several go-to-market examples are also provided during the recorded webcast.

To learn more about the cloud marketplace and how Arrow can help you achieve your cloud goals, listen to the webinar, “Building the Next Generation Cloud Practice.”  Plus, take a look at this video which will explain how Arrow can help you simplify your cloud practice.

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in November 2016 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

Last modified: May 3, 2019