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Arrow’s Value-Add Center specializes in built-to-order converged infrastructure solutions that promise to fulfill each individual customer’s needs. In addition to valuable services such as staging; custom labeling and packaging; and third-party warehousing, we offer return and supply chain management; engineering support; converged solution integration and more.

Here’s an overview of several projects that have recently come to life through the Value-Add Center:

Police officer body cameras: Body cameras with video microphones are being developed for police officers and homeland security agents. The Value-Add Center is building not only the body cameras, but also the server, where the customer can download any footage. The server saves the data so that videos can be played and reviewed in order to assist open cases.

Video surveillance systems: The Value-Add Center is in the process of developing video surveillance systems for two separate customers. These solutions include fixed cameras that communicate with a back-end server powered by Arrow partners. Each solution is designed with unique virtualization components to suit the customer’s needs.

NetApp FlexPod solution: This solution makes a full integration of a NetApp FlexPod easy. This was made possible through collaboration with StrataCloud, a new Arrow supplier. Configuration and deployment of a FlexPod typically takes a few days, but can now take just a few hours with this StrataCloud software.

Disaster recovery solutions: The Value-Add Center also works with partners on disaster recovery projects. In the event that there’s a disaster, and a partner need units deployed immediately, they can get the information to the Value-Add Center, and it can deploy those units immediately since it builds the solutions ahead of time.

Retail solutions: Through Arrow’s partnership with Toshiba, the Value-Add Center can sell and integrate cash registers and cash drawers for retail establishments. The center actually has the ability to build the self-checkout machines customers use at a variety of stores, as well as cashier-driven checkout machines. This includes all of the servers, storage and technology — it’s a “box” concept where it’s all pre-wired, pre-cabled and pre-labeled; all the customer has to do is plug it in and it’s ready to go.

Many of these solutions are made up of plug-and-play type of technology that the Value-Add Center has started to incorporate into all converged infrastructure solutions. The Value-Add center strives to do the maximum amount of work possible to make all Arrow solutions more cost-effective and faster for the end-user, so that all they have to do is plug the solution in and turn it on. All solutions are all also secure and TAPA certified.

If you can come up with a solution or think there’s a market for a solution and need the horsepower of Arrow behind you to accomplish that, the Value-Add Center is here for you with its professional services employees, certified repair technicians, asset recovery, custom finances and more to help you be successful in your business!

For more information, contact the Value-Add Center.

Last modified: November 16, 2019