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Introducing Arrow’s Newest Solution Play, Wireless Industrial Asset Insights With IBM

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Unplanned downtime and worker injuries negatively impact business productivity with costs of $260K/hour and more than 104 million days of production lost annually. Additionally, machine analysts expend 80% of their time collecting and managing data, while only 20% is dedicated to analyzing pattern and gaining insights, meaning value from the data is not maximized.

Introducing Arrow’s newest IoT solution play, Wireless Industrial Asset Insights with IBM and National Instruments. With its ability to monitor asset performance in real-time, problems can be identified, and work orders can be executed to correct issues as soon as, or even before, they happen.

Solution Play Benefits

Using IBM’s market-leading Watson IoT Platform; IBM’s Maximo Enterprise Asset Management software; and National Instrument’s proven wireless industrial vibration and temperature sensors, wireless gateway and software; you can:

  • Gain visibility into asset performance with easy-to-use dashboards and advanced analytics and schedule preventative maintenance before issues arise, avoiding failures during critical production times.
  • Enable rapid response times and first-time-right fixes to problems by providing detailed asset behavior, maintenance history and configuration information.
  • Extend asset lifecycles through proactive repairs, avoiding costly major fixes.
  • Improve worker safety with visibility into machine performance, reducing the risk of unpredictable and dangerous machine operations.

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Last modified: November 5, 2019