Introducing Zettaset ‒ High-Performance Data Security for HPE Solutions

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Arrow is proud to announce the addition of Zettaset to our line card. Zettaset offers software-only data protection solutions for HPE, VMware, NetApp and Pivotal. But their HPE product line coverage is particularly broad, addressing data protection for HPE ProLiant, SimpliVity, Synergy and Edgeline solutions.

If you are attending HPE Discover this month, be sure to visit the Arrow booth (#246) and the Zettaset booth (#314) in the HPE Transformation Showcase!

Get to Know Zettaset

The software-defined data center has created new opportunities for IT departments to increase application efficiency and performance; but the fundamental changes required for digital transformation create new challenges to protect sensitive data. To address these challenges, Zettaset and Arrow have brought to market fully tested products that protect HPE solutions for the software- defined data center. HPE customers can realize the benefits of true enterprise-class data security on HPE products from the data center to the network edge. As a result, Arrow partners can gain new accounts, drive more sales, and achieve competitive advantages with Zettaset’s unique software-only encryption solutions.

Zettaset’s all-software approach simplifies encryption and eliminates the need for proprietary appliances, facilitating a non-disruptive, automated and more cost- effective deployment. It delivers proven defense and data protection compliance for highly regulated industries, such as healthcare, financial services, and retail from the data center to the network edge. Zettaset’s products come with a KMIP-compatible virtual key manager and enable organizations to keep encryption keys separate from the data, conforming with security best practice.

HPE ProLiant

Zettaset offers a complete volume and partition encryption solution that has been fully tested with HPE ProLiant servers. Zettaset’s encryption can be added at any time – during initial set up or to existing production data centers. Other encryption options require a complex myriad of licenses and add-ons. These complexities are exacerbated when attempting to add encryption to an existing production data center, and to do so with a limited budget and without materially impacting operations. Zettaset provides a cost-effective solution for HPE ProLiant servers by encrypting data-in-place and converting new and existing hard drives into compliant data stores. One recent customer installed Zettaset and fully encrypted 32 nodes within 6 hours, with only ~2% performance degradation in real-world testing.

HPE SimpliVity

Zettaset offers fully tested data protection for HPE SimpliVity hyper-converged infrastructure. Each data store in a virtual machine can be encrypted with Zettaset, so sensitive data is always protected. Zettaset’s KMIP- compatible key manager bolsters the ability of enterprises to automate policy management and control access to business-critical encryption keys so data is protected in even the most complex and agile environments. Zettaset’s encryption maintains hyper-converged infrastructure performance with negligible impact.

HPE Synergy

Zettaset offers fully tested data protection for HPE Synergy composable infrastructure. Data stores can be automatically encrypted, protecting data on demand as the infrastructure is rapidly provisioned. HPE Synergy brings compute, network and storage together as a single platform, and the integration of Zettaset encryption enables organizations to meet data security compliance standards. Zettaset’s high-performance encryption ensures the composable infrastructure maintains high performance.

HPE Edgeline

Zettaset offers a complete volume and partition encryption solution that has been fully tested with HPE Edgeline IoT devices. With the ability to seamlessly separate encryption keys from the encrypted data residing on IoT Edge Devices and Gateways, Zettaset allows for a more secure method of key management and policy control compared to current embedded platform IoT key storage solutions. The combination of Zettaset encryption and HPE Edgeline Converged Edge Systems enable secure edge computing.

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Last modified: June 10, 2019