IoT: Pick a Path and Bring Your Sherpa

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The internet of things is experiencing accelerated growth with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. But, to be successful in this market, you must have a strategic approach. Join executives from Arrow, Microsoft and Intel in the panel discussion, “Pick a Path and Bring Your Sherpa,” at the recent Arrow Tech Summit. You’ll gain tips on selecting the right vertical, creating partnerships and leveraging resources, so you can grow your IoT business.

“Our mission is to determine how we can help partners build solutions, roll them up, and then take them to market,” said Ashish Parikh, Arrow VP, Global IoT Platforms and Solutions. “Arrow is working with Microsoft and Intel, to name just a few companies, to deliver outcomes that our end-customers are seeking.”|

Repeatable Solutions are Key
It’s important with IoT to have repeatable solutions, because one-off projects are very costly. “We try to put the building blocks in place to be repeatable every time,” said Nicole Denil, Microsoft General Manager of Global Channels CDS IoT. “Then, there is just that last mile of integration to factor in.”

Arrow’s SAM car is a good example of taking something that was custom and making it repeatable with different applications in several vertical markets. “Arrow open-sourced all of the SAM car technology, so anyone can use it. We want people to benefit from it,” said Parikh.

Intel is also developing market-ready solutions with 273 solutions now in place. “There is a growing opportunity for everyone to engage in the solution journey,” said Rod O’Shea, Intel Worldwide IoT Partner and Channel Director. Partners, not Intel, own the solutions. “Intel is here to help inventory, create and market the solution capabilities,” O’Shea added.

Selecting the Right Vertical
Panelists felt there was a lot of activity in the smart energy, smart buildings and smart manufacturing verticals. They also said there were interesting things happening in smart agriculture and smart education scenarios.

Horizontal solutions like asset management and cognitive services should not be forgotten either. These solutions can be applicable across many vertical industries.

Create Partnerships
“If ever there was a time where there’s massive transformation in IoT and the need for us to be working effectively together as an industry and as an ecosystem, it’s now,” stated O’Shea.

Going forward, Arrow should be viewed as the general contractor or the “sherpa” of solutions. Arrow can bring in the right partners to fit the specific solution that is required. Then, Arrow will work with partners to aggregate the solution and get them to market in a repeatable way.

Partners who can take and deliver solutions to their end-customers provide a very compelling value proposition. It also enables end-customers to have a faster time-to-revenue and value.

Time to Take Action
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Last modified: May 3, 2019