Market Intelligence Brief | Video From Arrow Technology Summit 2019

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immixGroup’s Market Intelligence Manager Lloyd McCoy opened the Market Intelligence Brief at Arrow Technology Summit with an overview of market trends in the areas of IoT, cloud, security and more. Watch the session video to learn about a few key growth areas and items to prioritize, including security analytics, incorporating AI and machine learning into big data and analytics, the customer’s journey to digital transformation, and hybrid and multi-cloud functionality.

Market Intelligence Trends

During the MI session, attendees learned that security analytics products are expected to reach $1 billion in 2019, and this amount will continue to grow over the next five years. This is because customers need to live in a flexible security landscape that can adapt at nearly the same rate as the threats they are protecting themselves against.

McCoy also detailed the expansive opportunities available for data analytics integration with AI and machine learning, including net-new purchases and upsell. As the industry develops more comprehensive ways of extracting the most possible insights from data, we need to be aware of how this demand can vary based on where the customer is on their journey in the digital space.

According to McCoy, 70% of big data and analytics solutions this year are going toward on-premises; but within five years, about half of all analytics software offerings are going to be deployed in public cloud environments. This is why it’s important for vendors and partners to offer a flexible cloud-selling space with both hybrid and multi-cloud functionality.

How Can Arrow’s MI Team Help?

After giving an in-depth look at where North America is in terms of demand and opportunity in the market, McCoy shifted the conversation to how partners can utilize Arrow’s Market Intelligence offerings to shorten their sales cycles, with an overview of the types of challenges and business gaps that the MI team addresses for channel partners.

Market Intelligence Senior Analyst Shalvi Nand joined in to give a few real-life examples of how Arrow’s MI team enables partners to reach and understand their end-users. Starting with an example of a partner who asked for information on missed opportunities within Arrow. To show this specific partner their strengths and weaknesses, the MI team pulled together a list of customers who have only purchased at Arrow through them — along with a list of customers that aren’t going through them.

Many Arrow partners ask, “How do I compare against others in the industry?” Nand explained how the MI team can answer this by putting a partner’s current state in context with nationwide trends and industry data to give them a sense of what the competitive landscape looks like within the channel and where they need to improve. This type of data is useful for both vendors and resellers, and enables them to take action instead of making assumptions about their end-users.

Interested? Learn more about the opportunities and insights available for Arrow’s partners through the MI team.

Last modified: December 2, 2019