NASA Pushes Big Data to the Limits

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By Tom O’Keefe
immixGroup, An Arrow Company

When you’re talking to NASA about harnessing their big data this year, concentrate on helping them increase efficiency within their data management and analytics processes.
For an agency that collects and manages an astronomical number of data points, it’s no surprise that machine learning and artificial intelligence have come to the forefront to help them better understand the huge volumes of information it collects, sorts, stores and manages.
Here are some areas NASA is focusing on this summer to up their game:

  • Although NASA has long since taken the plunge into big data and analytics, it’s starting to figure out how it can best tackle its massive amounts of unstructured data, particularly voice and text data. NASA plans on using machine learning tools and technology to better understand the information contained in its records and free up its data scientists to spend more time applying lessons learned from the analysis of data.
  • The agency intends to establish NASA-wide data standards founded on secure, integrated data search and analytics capabilities, and develop automated data tagging to ensure standardized metadata across the enterprise. Alongside modernizing the agency’s IT infrastructure, disruptive technologies like AI, advanced analytics and new innovative digital collaboration tools will help NASA better use and apply its data for day-to-day operations.
  • NASA is also moving to Office 365. If you have products that can help an agency with the migration from on-premises to cloud-based services, you may find some opportunities at NASA this summer.
[contextly_sidebar id=”28YWnsMYvGJ9a7xLB55umyTGpSGdYa9O”] Data is of increasing importance to federal agencies and NASA is embarking on many data-focused projects. This is the perfect opportunity for you to reach out to NASA stakeholders to discuss how your tools can help them better understand and use the massive amounts of information they generate every day.
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Last modified: May 3, 2019