NetApp AFF C190 ‒ NEW Flash Storage Solution Announced

AvatarWritten by | NextGen Data Center

To help you expand into new entry-level market opportunities, NetApp announced the NetApp AFF C190 system, which enables organizations of any size to modernize their IT infrastructure with enterprise-level flash storage solutions. Designed for cost-conscious customers, the AFF C190 system can meet a company’s storage requirements with operational efficiency, data security and effortless cloud integration.

  • It’s SIMPLE. Customers can increase productivity and easily manage multiple workloads from a single system. They can provision storage in just minutes for applications such as VMware, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server.
  • It’s SMART. With built-in efficiency technologies, customers get more storage at a lower cost and get increased speed for accelerated applications. NetApp Active IQ data-driven analytics also make it easy to optimize client storage availability and performance.
  • It’s SECURE. Your customers can prevent data loss with fast, space-saving backups; and they can safeguard data from internal and external threats with software encryption.

For more information on the NetApp AFFC190, download the AFFC190 information sheet or reach out to the Arrow NetApp engineering team. Arrow is committed to ongoing investments in tools, training and enablement, incentives and service offerings that are designed to help you grow and succeed with NetApp.

Last modified: July 25, 2019