At the recent Arrow Technology Summit, Matt Anderson, Arrow Electronics senior vice president and chief digital officer, presented how the explosion of technology is driving many radical changes across IT department function and operation. He also addressed how Arrow is responding to the changes by transforming its distribution role to that of a platform company with the breadth and depth of resources, expertise and relationships to help partners and suppliers grow their businesses and enable ultimate customer experiences.

Anderson attributes today’s remarkable technology advances to three key factors:

  1. IoT is impacting IT in a way we have not seen before and is becoming the dominate reason why we deploy technology.
  2. SaaS is transforming the typical data center with software companies moving data to the cloud.
  3. The effect of cloud and the concept of “Is it still the cloud if it’s touching the ground?”

Anderson also noted that customers today care about the solution, what they can do with it and how it works. It used to be that when customers did online research they searched for company names or specific products. Today that has changed with popular search terms such as smart homes, smart factories, and home automation. “End-users are looking for total solutions and not just point products. If you are selling products to a company that differentiates itself based on customer experiences, you have a huge problem,” Anderson stated.

Arrow Evolves Beyond Distribution
With all of these changes, Arrow is also evolving its business model beyond a typical distribution role. Arrow is changing its game by growing into a customer experience distributor that leverages the power of technology. Arrow plans to become a technology platform where third-party companies can join together to exchange value. “By using Arrow assets like its line card, service, engineering and integration capabilities, in addition to relationships, Arrow’s business goal is to become the easiest way to create, make and manage technology in the world,” said Anderson.

Arrow also enhances the customer experience by increasing online resources — both technical and educational. Take, for example, the Arrow Digital group. A few years ago, Arrow was nowhere on the digital marketing map. Today, Arrow Digital is the fourth fastest-growing B2B online player in all B2B. Arrow invested by acquiring media technology like forums and publications, recognizing that people get information from a variety of resources. “The result of this investment is that the vast majority of engineers worldwide visit at least one Arrow property when seeking information, millions of visits per month and millions of verified emails,” reported Anderson. “And, the engineers are opening the emails because they opted in to the information.”

Arrow has also introduced a concierge service to make conducting business easier for partners and suppliers. This service connects partners to other partners and suppliers, provides access to solution vendors, architects solutions and provides technical products.

A New Game in Town
Want to play? Arrow has a new program, “We Buy Ugly Data Centers,” that is sure to address issues customers are facing today. Arrow will work transparently with partners to:

  • Assist with initial assessment
  • Migrate data to the cloud
  • Build provisioning
  • Optimize the cloud
  • Provide a sustainable buyout

Arrow has all the details on how cash is paid upfront for the data center, options for cloud migration, contracts involved and how you can get your full margin up-front.

It’s an exciting time in today’s technology environment and Arrow can help you leverage opportunity and increase your profitability. Arrow’s got your back with a combination of technology experts, access to hardware and software design services, online resources and a product line card that can’t be beat!

To find out more about Arrow or the “We Buy Ugly Data Centers” program, contact your Arrow representative or use the Arrow contact page.

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Last modified: May 1, 2019