New IBM Digital Technical Engagement Environment

IBM has a new Digital Technical Engagement (DTE) environment that offers an enhanced demo experience, making it a lot easier to find the products you need. The site is open to all, and IBM is continuously adding new content.

Overview of Content

  • Collections – This is a grouping of all content for a technology.
  • Videos – Watch technical experts walk you through common use cases, highlighting product features and key capabilities that include:
    • Glimpses into the product
    • Expansion conversations
    • Questions on functionality
    • New functionalities
  • Product tours – Tours include an in-depth collection of tasks and steps for users to follow in conjunction with a demo environment, including:
    • Guided interactive experience
    • Initial client demo
    • Continue and grow the expansion conversation
  • Hands-on labs – Labs include an in-depth collection of tasks and steps for users in order to learn a technology, including:
    • Full product experience
    • Workshops
    • Proof of technology
    • Adoption and in turn, consumption

Benefits of the DTE Environment

IBM has combined the assets with skilled subject matter experts and the ability to personalize.  This allows for better POCs, use case conversations, briefings and a focus on specific use case requirements.  The DTE environment offers something for everyone:

  • Easy contribution and asset management via a single portal
  • Multiple attributes search by industry, product, use case, solution, language, etc.
  • Suggested explorations that provide a palette of demos appealing to user needs and newest, most used, featured, and highest rated
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Sharing to favorites, social media and others
  • Metrics and feedback for continuous improvement and analysis

Lead Routing

IBM has also added lead routing from the DTE environment.  This is done by the partner and provides customers with a custom URL that includes their IBM CEID.  The leads route to partners via their MySA account.  This results in more qualified leads, the ability to progress leads with DTE assets and the leads go ONLY to the partner.

Last modified: July 19, 2019