Recently, I had the opportunity to attend Nutanix .NEXT 2019 in Anaheim, California, May 5-9. Arrow was a Silver Sponsor this year, and I was excited to be part of this event that brought together visionaries, developers and IT leaders from around the globe. Thousands of .NEXT attendees enjoyed keynotes, hands-on learning with experts and a first-hand look at the latest Nutanix products.

Arrow at .NEXT

Along with Arrow’s Silver Sponsorship, we also had a booth on the show floor where we enjoyed interacting with hundreds of partners and end-users ‒ many of whom are just now learning how to use Nutanix. One of the offerings at our booth was a video demonstration running continually that showed Splunk software being installed, initialized and prepared for use on a Nutanix cluster. This demo highlighted how easy installs are ‒ taking less than six minutes to provision.

The Arrow team was amazed at how many global users were in attendance, including folks from Finland, India, U.K., Brazil and more! This really illustrates the reach and impact Nutanix is making across the world.

Focus on the Cloud

This year, Nutanix made the big announcement that they are expanding their portfolio of enterprise cloud solutions. This move is designed to enable organizations to use hyper-converged infrastructure as a bridge to the cloud for developing and running mission-critical applications, driving new business models and creating value.

Because of their expanded focus on the cloud, Nutanix provided extensive training on the following topics:

  • Data Center Modernization – Designing, building and operating modern cloud-based infrastructures, specifically business applications and services
  • Multi-Cloud and Automation‒ AI and machine learning-driven automation tips and the latest data center trends and best practices for building, running and governing hybrid clouds effectively
  • Applications and Workloads‒ Best practices for running business-critical applications and VDI on the cloud without sacrificing performance, control or reliability
  • Emerging Technologies‒ New emerging cloud technology trends and how and when this technology can be applied within organizations

Nutanix and Arrow’s Practice Areas

During the event, I was interested to see what new services and technologies Nutanix had to offer around Arrow’s five practice areas. Here’s what I found:

  • Cloud ‒ Nutanix can not only offer a cloud-like experience on-premises, but they can also interact with other clouds to provide a hybrid cloud solution. Nutanix can very easily work across all clouds, including Azure, AWS and GCP.
  • Data Intelligence ‒ Nutanix’s Mine Platform is their new integrated, intelligent data management software. It’s a great way to unify primary and secondary data protection operations, enable cloud-like scalability and deliver one-click simplicity for a backup infrastructure.
  • Security ‒ Nutanix is laser-focused on software security. For example, Nutanix is now installed on all HPE DX boxes and Gen 10 ProLiants before they ship. HPEGen10 ProLiants offer the first industry-standard servers that include a silicon “root of trust,” which provides a series of trusted handshakes from the lowest level firmware to BIOS, as well as software to ensure a known-good state.
  • Edge/IoT ‒ Nutanix’s new offering, Xi IoT, is designed to be a platform for IoT development that includes tools and apps to help companies build whatever they need. It provides simple, scalable, secure edge intelligence for real-time analytics.
  • NextGen Data Center ‒ According to Nutanix, the nextgen data center is going to be an autonomous data center. Nutanix expects that in the future data centers will be run by intelligent AI-ops that will take the data and use AI algorithmsto tell you when you need more resources and autonomously allocate and use those

What’s .NEXT?

Looking ahead, Nutanix plans to continue enabling companies with nextgen features and tools that support their business. Here are their top priorities moving forward:

  • Offer Nutanix in more locations on more types of servers with more cloud features and services
  • Move to the edge with software offerings like XI IoT, which manages IoT devices and sensors that allow the collection of sensor data ‒ all on one platform
  • Diversify service offerings, such as containers as-a-service, functions as-a-service and operations as-a-service

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Timur Rassekh
Technical Solutions Manager
Arrow ECS

Last modified: May 22, 2019