On-Demand: IT Modernization in the Public Sector With Gigamon

During this on-demand webinar, experts from Gigamon and Riverbed discuss how Application Intelligence can open up the network “black box” and show you exactly what’s running inside. You will find out why the evolution of Network Performance Monitoring (NPM) demands a more integrated approach to Digital Experience Monitoring and how you can achieve that by leveraging the perspectives of end-users and their applications to extend the value of network visibility.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Get pervasive visibility of network traffic across geographically dispersed locations
  • Ensure only the right people have access to the network and data center, as well as guarantee optimal performance and availability
  • Receive near real-time actionable alerts based on Government Furnished Information, allowing for mitigation and remediation of incidents that could have gone unnoticed
  • Address issues quickly so that the Department of Homeland Security requirements can be met

Check out the webinar here.

Last modified: August 6, 2019