One of the Best Ways to Speed Up the Sales Cycle

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Market intelligence is a broad term to describe external data that is collected and analyzed by a company to make better decisions. It can be in the form of market research, product intelligence, competitive intelligence, and market analysis.
Market intelligence can equip you with information that will help you understand what is happening in the marketplace, explore new market opportunities, and determine a market penetration strategy. With market intelligence, you will be able to understand how you stack up against the competition, target customers, and recognize key industry trends.
Arrow makes it easy for its partners to get started using market intelligence with a no-nonsense approach. We equip your sales, marketing, and channel teams with in-depth research and insights on end-users, partners, and competitors to uncover opportunities and shorten sales cycles.
Introducing the Arrow Market Intelligence Team
The role of Arrow’s Market Intelligence team is to understand what drives the procurement of technology and then leverage that information to help Arrow suppliers and partners shorten the sales cycle. The MI team works globally across both public sector and commercial accounts.
The MI team conducts primary and secondary research, analyzes the data, and draws meaningful conclusions, which result in actionable, sales-focused campaigns. “End-users tend to lower their guard when they know they are talking to an analyst, so they are more forthcoming,” said Tim Larkins, director of market intelligence. The MI team can provide information about an organization’s landscape, the decision-makers, budgets, and major procurement trends, in addition to a vetted call list, which drives efficiency and effectiveness for sales.
One of the Best Ways to Speed Up the Sales Cycle
“When you use Arrow’s market intelligence results, you will be able to not only target net new end-users, but you will also know what to say to them to gain their interest. While the industry standard contact-to-meeting ratio is 1%, when you use Arrow-supplied data, it is an astounding 14%,” said Larkins.
MI Programs to Meet Your Requirements
MI offers a variety of services, many free of charge. Here is just a sampling of some of the more popular offers:

  • Missed Opportunity/Share of Wallet: Provides partners with missed opportunities, share of wallet, identifies their most loyal customers, and offers a picture of what technologies they’re buying
  • Market Trend Analysis: Presents an in-depth analysis of the market by identifying market drivers, opportunities, emerging trends, growth areas, and competition
  • Market Basket Analysis: Produces an analysis of transactional data to determine technology purchases that generally co-occur with partner products
  • Streamlined Sales Pipeline Development: Provides a holistic view of market trends and install base analytics, combined with vetted and validated leads to help manufacturers and partners shorten sales cycles

Be sure to contact your Arrow representative to hear about these and other services that will fast-track your sales process.
How to Get Started
You are probably thinking that using market intelligence to get net-new sales contacts and speed up the sales process is just too good to be true. But, the Arrow MI team has the stats to prove it! If you are interested in learning how you can take advantage of these programs, contact your Arrow representative and start winning more business today!

Last modified: May 3, 2019