Protecting Your Data Is About Being Right | Video From Arrow Technology Summit 2019

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At the recent 2019 Arrow Technology Summit, security thought leader Davitt Potter opened a discussion around what our industry is doing right and what we are doing wrong with an increasing number of threats in the data landscape. Veritas General Manager and Vice President of Product Simon Jelley pointed out a few key areas in data management that are causing problems, including data privacy, the evolution of traditional infrastructures and securing data during migrations as it travels into unfamiliar digital territories.

The pace of change is accelerating and providing opportunities to apply machine learning and AI to data. These innovations are advantageous, but also present challenges and new entry points for attacks. We often have too much data that we’re unable to aggregate and pull insights from, or we fail to prioritize secondary backups and ensure their safety. Jelley cited an estimate that around 50% of small- to mid-sized businesses have already been hit by some form of ransomware attack. With increasing attacks on public administrations coming out in the press, it’s no longer just large organizations that are at risk. It’s not “if” anymore — it’s “when.”

The ultimate variety and velocity of data are increasing at an overwhelming speed. Looking from an industry perspective, are we doing our best to understand and secure the data? This session takes a look at the agglomerative relationship that has formed as data management and data security now have to work hand-in-hand to ensure data protection. It also discusses solutions that can help customers manage their data when they are hit with major security threats.

Watch the “Protecting Your Data Is About Being Right” session video from Arrow Technology Summit to learn how you can be right about your data and how Arrow and Veritas can provide solutions to help.

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Last modified: October 21, 2019