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Quick Hits: What You Need to Know About NetApp’s New FAS and AFF Models

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NetApp’s new, mid-range to high-end FAS and mid-range AFF systems are simple, efficient and versatile — offering more capacity and greater IO scaling to your customers than ever before.

  • Based on the AFF A800 controller hardware, the FAS8300, FAS8700 and the AFF A400 are available in two possible host configurations:
    • Ethernet: 4 x 25GbE SFP28 (RoCE) ports per controller
    • FC: 4 x 16GB FC ports per controller
  • With an updated design comes more capacity and NetApp is offering more in the mid-range to help bridge the delta.
    • FAS8300: Up to 720 drives
    • FAS8700: Up to 1,440 drives
    • AFF A400: Up to 480 drives; including up to 48 NVMe drives in NS224C shelves

If you need more IO capability, NetApp has you covered with the FAS8300, FAS8700 and AFF A400. All models support up to five PCIe adapter slots per controller (PCIe Slot 3 on the AFF A400 is configured for cluster network by default).

High-end FAS8700 and Mid-Range FAS8300

Mid-Range A400




Why Should You Care?

NetApp’s new FAS and AFF models are simplifying the quote-to-order process, software and support offerings and pricing with:

  • Streamlined sales engagement: Faster quote-to-order with four hardware selections (controller, capacity, network adapter and switches); three add-on software choices (Data Protection, Security and Compliance and Hybrid Cloud); and one support decision (SupportEdge Advisor or Expert). A single-page, easy-to-read quote is also now available on these platforms.
  • Simplified support experience: SupportEdge Advisor delivers reliable, predictive and comprehensive support that keeps your systems secure and running.
  • SupportEdge Expert: In addition to the features of SupportEdge Advisor, the “expert” version offers advanced, proactive and personalized support delivered by NetApp experts. SupportEdge Government and Select (Partner Choice) are still available as well.
  • Flat and predictable support pricing: NetApp’s support offerings bundle hardware, software, OS and warranty together with point-of-sale and future renewal pricing at the same price.

In addition, ONTAP software pricing has been simplified with easy-to-understand ONTAP software prices, predictable add-on storage pricing and competitive, value-based pricing for new AFF and FAS systems.

Differentiation in the Market

NetApp’s FAS and AFF platforms need no introduction. Like those that have come before them, the new FAS8300, FAS8700 and AFF A400 include all the same features and functionality your customers expect with NetApp. With a unified architecture, built-in storage efficiencies, integrated data protection, non-disruptive operations, amazing performance with customizable QoS and seamless scaling, you can trust NetApp to empower your clients to solve their digital transformation business challenges with modernized IT. When you add ONTAP software and the Data Fabric to the mix, your customer’s journey to the hybrid multi-cloud couldn’t be easier.

How Do You Position and Sell the NetApp FAS and AFF Solutions?

The NetApp FAS8300, FAS8700 and AFF A400 release will help bridge the gap between the mid-range and high-end FAS and AFF solution set, allowing for additional options and better control of the price point. With more IO expansion options and more capacity than traditional mid-range arrays, positioning a NetApp system has never been more simple.

These new software offerings give your customers flexibility on the features that they want and need, including:

  • Core Bundle: This bundle is always included and most closely resembles the traditional Base bundle with a few changes. It includes the ONTAP OS; all the protocols (FCP, ISCSI, NFS, CIFS and NVMe-OF); FlexClone; and FlexCache (now included with ONTAP OS).
  • Data Protection: The optional Data Protection bundle has all the features that were in the Premium bundle, including SnapCenter, SnapManager, SnapMirror (including synchronous), SnapVault and SnapRestore.
  • Security and Compliance: The optional Security and Compliance bundle adds SnapLock and Multi-Tenant Key Management functionality.
  • Hybrid Cloud: The Hybrid Cloud bundle is an optional add-on, capacity-based subscription with Fabric Pool.
  • Encryption: The Encryption package is a free, optional add-on package of Global Trade Compliant encryption features. It includes TPM and data-at-rest volume encryption features.

The AFF A400, FAS8300 and FAS8700 systems are competitively priced against Pure Storage//X50, Dell EMC Unity XT 680, and Dell EMC Isilon H500 and H600 platforms, respectively. With the Run To NetApp promotion, migrations from the competition can present a lucrative opportunity for you and your customers.

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Last modified: February 20, 2020