Research Study: AI Use in Government

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Artificial Intelligence adoption in the public sector is no longer a futuristic idea. The possibility is now tangible, and government IT managers are on board.

A new study shows that 90% of public sector IT managers have sensed a shift toward the adoption of AI in their organizations over the last two years. Commissioned by NetApp, Arrow and immixGroup, the research report AI Is Out There: Early Adoption in Fed & SLED Agencies explores government agencies’ interest in AI and seeks to understand current usage of AI technology in the government space.

The study highlights IT managers’ and public sector experts’ interest in gaining an edge by becoming early adopters of AI technology. Of surveyed respondents, 77% view AI as an asset to their organization’s ability to deliver on its mission; while 85% agree AI will be a game changer in how their agency thinks about and processes data. Some agencies have started to initiate AI pilot programs with 14% already reporting benefits from the technology. Currently, in the public sector, 61% of respondents report the use of at least one foundational AI technology, such as voice assistants, high-performance computing, and virtual customer assistance or chatbots.

Study results show that AI is increasing in popularity due to its extended benefits in cybersecurity, operational efficiency and quality control for both Fed and SLED agencies. While public sector IT managers are excited about the benefits of AI, they see some potential challenges in implementing these changes. These challenges include finding IT professionals with AI-related skillsets, implementing formal AI strategies and needing additional investments to modernize aging IT infrastructure.

The transition to AI technology is not just an exciting possibility in the public sector. Rather, it’s the strategy of the future with 60% of SLED and 75% of Fed organizations saying AI is part of their technology roadmap. In preparation, organizations need to build a foundation by investing in relevant infrastructure, organizing data and improving data governance.

With the interest and implementation of AI continuing to rise, there are growing opportunities for NetApp partners to solve their public sector customers’ challenges and strengthen relationships.

To learn more, download the full report here.

Last modified: September 23, 2019