Smart spaces, cities provide partner sales opportunities

Smart Spaces, Cities Provide Partner Sales Opportunity

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We are always looking for safer, smarter spaces and cities – and now they are becoming a reality with all the new IoT “smart” technologies that are being developed.

Smart spaces are urban, commercial, and industrial areas that use video, IoT, analytics, and AI technologies to deliver insights to people, buildings, and machines to make organizations more effective and improve our quality of life. Smart spaces leverage data, innovation, and intelligent machines to bring operational business and security intelligence to the places where we work, play, and live.

Here are just a few examples of smart spaces at work:

  • Transportation: Keeps operations on-time and safe. Includes things like demand and people-flow sensing, dynamic vehicle dispatch, real-time alerts, and safety coordination.
  • Retail: Promotes successful and secure environments. Provides for A/B testing for brink-and-mortar stores, customer behavior insights and response, and a personalized customer experience.
  • Airport: Supports convenience and safety. Promotes efficient, smooth passenger flow; excellent service and operations; and safe travelers.
  • Factory: Boosts efficiency and safety. Advances worker safety and productivity, product quality, and minimizes operating costs and waste.

A smart city is the digital transformation of an urban ecosystem to meet environment, financial, and other social outcomes. The goal of a smart city is to build safer, smarter communities through integrated intelligence by being aware of all situations.

Smart spaces and smart cities are providing strong opportunities for Arrow partners and suppliers across multiple verticals – resulting in near-term high growth.

Arrow Solution Play for Smart Spaces
If you are ready to venture into the world of smart spaces and cities, Arrow has got you covered with our pre-built, market-validated Hitachi Smart Spaces and Video Intelligence solution play. It provides public safety officials and security personnel with end-to-end IoT solutions that include an integrated view of activities within a city, as well as the intelligence needed to make faster, more informed decisions. This solution also promotes smarter, more efficient public safety operations with predictive crime analytics, digital evidence management, threat reports, event statistics, and custom reports.

For more information about Arrow’s Smart Spaces solution play or our ever-growing portfolio of solutions, visit

Last modified: May 3, 2019