Deadline to Race Your Way to Success With Arrow and HPE Is January 17

In racing, the APEX is the point at which race cars meet the inside of a corner, which leads to the fastest way around the track.

Arrow APEX is our new HPE partner initiative for 2020. Register by January 17 for this exciting racing-themed program that will jump start your HPE revenue growth by combining enablement, sales and rewards. All of which will, in turn, accelerate overall business growth.

What’s Under the Hood?

The Team Owner (partner principle) will nominate one sales and one technical resource to form a “Driver Team.” The Driver Team competes to be the top team over the program period by completing milestone goals and tasks set for the teams based on business activity that contribute to building a profitable HPE practice.

How to Win

To be eligible to win, the partner principle must:

  1. Register their Driver Team(s)
  2. Contribute $2,020 entrance fee
  3. Complete milestone goals and tasks
  4. Register/close as many HPE deals as they can across the racing season

Choose a Racing Stream for Your Team by January 17

There are two streams in Arrow APEX partner initiative. Sign up by January 17 for the Intelligent Edge (Aruba and IoT) or Hybrid IT (Servers, Storage and PointNext) stream by selecting either image below and identifying one sales and one technical resource. Metal partners will compete within their own class status. Remember, there is a maximum of two Driver Teams per firm (1 team per stream per firm) unless otherwise noted.

The APEX partner initiative is limited to 80 total partners. The qualifying season kicked off December 1, 2019, and ends September 30, 2020. View complete details and register today!


Last modified: January 7, 2020