Top 7 Reasons Why Arrow Demos Matter

In the early 1700s, English physician, writer and adage collector Thomas Fuller coined the phrase, “Seeing is believing.” Mr. Fuller may have written those words over four centuries ago, but they couldn’t be more true today — especially when it comes to the Arrow Solutions Lab.

Arrow has two state-of-the-art labs located in Atlanta and Denver where we house the latest technologies from our supplier partners, including Dell Technologies, IBM, HPE, NetApp, Citrix, Forescout and many more. We offer our channel partners access to our labs for activities, such as collaborating on solutions with our Solution Architects, educating your sales teams, and — best of all — conducting product demonstrations for your customers. That’s where Thomas Fuller comes in.

Seeing Is Believing

Arrow agrees with Mr. Fuller’s philosophy… In order to believe something is possible, you and your customers must actually see it in action. And what better way to do that than with a demo?

At Arrow’s Solutions Labs, our expert Solution Architects will work with you and your customers — either in person or virtually — to demonstrate how our end-to-end solutions can reduce IT complexities and increase efficiencies. Through customized demonstrations that precisely meet your specifications, the Solutions Lab will bring to life technology-driven outcomes that will help solve your customer’s business challenges.

Why Do Arrow Demos Matter?

  1. Only new will do: Your customers want to see the latest models and most cutting-edge IT devices. They aren’t interested in last year’s out-of-date equipment. Therefore, Arrow strives to include only the latest and greatest technologies in our Solutions Labs — all designed to showcase individual or multi-vendor solutions from the intelligent edge, to the core data center, to the public cloud.
  2. We know the products on a deep level: Arrow’s Solution Architects will guide you toward the correct configurations for your customers. Using Arrow best practices, our expert Solution Architects can help you properly position the products and align them with the customer’s industry and desired outcomes.
  3. We understand the problems that need to be solved: There’s a good chance our Solution Architects have seen your customer’s problem before. So with their vast amount of combined industry experience, they can quickly determine the best solution or combination of solutions to meet your customers’ needs.
  4. We know what makes up a good demo: Whether your customer wants to learn more about a specific product or they are trying to solve a specific business challenge, our Solution Architects have the knowledge and experience to create a custom demonstration tailored to meet your sales needs.
  5. Doubt is removed: If a customer has reservations on moving forward with a deal, there is no better way to allay their fears than by offering an easy-to-access, proof-of-concept environment that allows them to see their data in action operating on the products and solutions they may purchase.
  6.  Our track record is unsurpassed: Here at Arrow, we know how to deliver an impactful demo. Nine out of 10 Solutions Lab partner demos are successful and have been proven to increase the ability to win more deals.
  7. A good demo can make the sale: The goal of every Arrow Solution Architect is to deliver an effective demo that illustrates product ease-of-use and builds customer confidence in the proposed solution. They will work with you and your customer to detail requirements, prototype the architecture, and deliver compelling proof points. Our record speaks for itself — when we successfully show how a solution works, the customer will likely purchase.

Get Your Deal Across the Finish Line With Arrow

Once your customers start seeing how your proposed solution can solve their problems, they will soon be believingand buying!

Get started with the Arrow Solutions Lab and contact us to schedule a demo for your customers today!

Last modified: February 4, 2020