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Trend Micro server security that bridges the hybrid cloud

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As more and more organizations are starting to realize, hybrid cloud is already happening and will continue to evolve as we strive to find better, faster and more efficient ways to store and share data. Not unlike the great cities of our world, we often see old and new side-by-side – the ancient architectures of yesterday nestled next to the futuristic glass skyscrapers of tomorrow.
When it comes to securing your customers’ on-premises and virtual environments, it may seem like you’ve got it all figured out. But what happens as we move along the server evolution and bring environments like the cloud and containers into the mix? In an effort to be agile and cost-efficient, many organizations are using these new environments but may not have the protection to match.
Trend Micro Deep Security 10 continues to embrace the challenge of hybrid cloud, delivering enhancements designed to give you even more visibility across all of your customers’ environments – physical, virtual, cloud, and now containers. Your customers are working to leverage these environments to support their business – and that business needs to be protected.
The first step is visibility. With the new smart folders feature, applications that span different infrastructures can be treated as one using a smart attribute-based grouping system. This allows your customers to manage applications across vastly different infrastructure platforms as if they were one, be it physical, virtual or cloud.
Next, let’s talk about layered security. Deep Security 10 is powered by XGen™ Security, a blend of cross-generational threat defense techniques. Deep Security leverages server-centric threat defense techniques from tried and true technologies like intrusion prevention, anti-malware, and application control right up to the most leading threat defense techniques like sandbox analysis, machine learning and behavioral analysis to guard against the most sophisticated threats.
Deep Security 10 adds multiple new security techniques, including the prevention of unauthorized software changes with application control. Re-imagined for the hybrid cloud, the new application control feature can protect servers from sophisticated attacks, even when applications are constantly changing are distributed across hybrid cloud environments.
Exciting capabilities for advanced AWS integration includes Simple Notification Service (SNS) support. This enables sending of key events to the right system or team via SNS topic. It also delivers the ability to create automated responses to security events, including customizing outcomes with AWS Lambda. Finally, with work we’ve done with AWS, you’ll notice faster connection and time to protection for AWS workloads.
Deep Security 10 also enables you to expand security beyond server workloads, letting you not only protect the host but also Docker containers. This lets you leverage proven techniques like anti-malware and IPS to protect dynamic container deployments, while also protecting the host with techniques like application control.
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Last modified: March 9, 2017