Video: Arrow Services Year in Review

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In the first video of the series, “An Introduction to Arrow Services,” Lalo Montenegro, services leader for Arrow’s enterprise computing solutions business, discussed how Arrow has recently reshaped and tailored our services organization to meet our partners’ needs.

Now, in “Arrow Services Year in Review,” he provides a recap of how this transformation has impacted customers throughout 2019, complete with several success stories from his team.


In one of the success stories, the Arrow delivered services team helped a partner whose consultant wasn’t familiar with the Office 365 problem their customer was having. Watch the “Arrow Services Year in Review” video to hear the rest of this story and others, and learn about our plans for the future. 

Wow, Arrow completed the work in one day. Everything is working, the testing is done, the deliverables are transferred… Great job Arrow for providing me with an expert that really knows what is what!

If you have experienced a similar need to the ones we’ve listed in this series, please visit our website to get in touch with the Arrow services team.

Last modified: December 17, 2019