So far in this video series, Lalo Montenegro, services leader for Arrow’s enterprise computing solutions business, has discussed Arrow’s services journey, the types of services Arrow offers and services success stories from 2019. Now, we dive into Arrow’s residency services offering.

What Is a Services Residency?

Whenever an end-customer needs a non-permanent service engagement, Arrow can help find the people to fulfill their service needs. Our partners know that they can come to Arrow whenever:

  • They can’t find the resources for their customers on their own.
  • The people they would normally use aren’t available.
  • They need to find the right skill set in the right location for the right amount of time.

Watch this video to learn about Arrow’s residency services and a recent case where an end-customer needed someone to be on-site in a remote location that is not typically known for having tech support.

Benefits of Arrow’s Residency Services

Thanks to our residency services, partners no longer have to walk away from opportunities without giving it one last shot with an additional resource. Arrow enables our partners to continue providing value to their end-customers, creating an overall more loyal customer base that doesn’t have to go to other partners for products or services.

Interested in learning more about Arrow’s services organization? View our offerings.

Last modified: February 10, 2020