On-demand: CloudGenera's best-of-breed cloud solutions

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“CloudGenera: Simplify and Accelerate Your Cloud Strategy”

View Arrow’s exclusive on-demand webinar to learn more about CloudGenera’s latest product updates and how those products integrate with HPE, Oracle and Microsoft to provide your customers with best-of-breed cloud solutions.
You’ll also discover why Arrow and CloudGenera are the answer to your assessment needs and how they’ll simplify both your customer’s transformation to the cloud and the management of their cloud business.

Webinar Topics

  • Benefits of partnership
  • Arrow assessments
  • CloudGenera Mobile product
  • New CloudGenera licensing options

Who is CloudGenera?

CloudGenera is a cloud analytics company that demystifies making private, hybrid and public cloud decisions. Following are key CloudGenera advantages:

  • Helps customers reduce costs and increase efficiency through data-driven decisions
  • Is cloud vendor neutral
  • Determines which cloud solutions meet your needs around SLAs, compliance, privacy, regulatory concerns, technology dependencies and TCO
  • Uses CloudAssist scorecards to show why private hybrid cloud is the most cost-effective 70% of the time

With CloudGenera’s/Arrow support, you can help your customer chose the best cloud solution based on actual quantified customer requirements. Contact Sher Miller for more information.

Last modified: March 9, 2017