On-Demand: Delivering Security Solutions with Forescout and Palo Alto Networks

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Due to high demand, Forescout and Palo Alto Networks invite you to the Delivering Security Solutions webinar, hosted by Arrow. This encore from Arrow Tech Summit will help you learn how to deliver a tangible security outcome by understanding how security products work within the context of what needs to be secured and where.

Arrow | Delivering Security Solutions With Forescout and Palo Alto Networks Webinar | VIEW ON-DEMAND

Too often security as an outcome is a destination never reached by purchasing products. By first understanding what security products can and could do for users, your presenters will describe how to know why and where they are needed. This webinar will clarify the power of Palo Alto Networks and Forescout produts working together and the need for professional services to make it happen.

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Last modified: September 17, 2019