On-Demand: How to Sell RSA NetWitness

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Threats are constantly evolving, and cyber criminals are diligently working to access organizations’ most important and valuable information. Skilled analysts are in short supply and security teams struggle to effectively combat these threats.

Expertise is critical. Teaming with technology, like RSA’s Evolved SIEM, can augment expertise to effectively detect and resolve advanced threats.

Dive into the RSA NetWitness platform with us and see how the evolved SIEM accelerates threat detection and response through:

  • A single, unified platform that combines threat intelligence, analytics and automated response with network and endpoint telemetry to speed detection
  • Multiple analytics engines to reveal attacks that could otherwise go undetected
  • Behavioral analytics and machine learning for continuous threat detection and monitoring
  • Visibility across the enterprise – from the endpoint to the cloud
  • Use cases

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Last modified: October 3, 2019