On-Demand: IBM Watson Use Cases and Portfolio Overview

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Your clients typically want instantaneous, proactive resolutions through multiple communications channels 24 hours a day. In this Arrow webinar, IBM’s Steve Choquette discusses how customer service and support organizations are being asked to do more with less – while also maintaining customer satisfaction and resolution rates.

If any of the issues below sound like the business glitches your clients are facing, view this webinar today to see how IBM can address these with their industry-leading solutions.

  • Companies need to provide quick answers to employees’ questions and efficiently process requests; but they are facing issues around long resolutions times, rising costs and low adoption of technology among employees.
  • Customer support agents deal with complex questions that can be time-consuming and more difficult than expected daily. Delays in finding answers or providing inaccurate responses can negatively impact customer experience, not with a certain product or service, but with the company itself.

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Last modified: June 25, 2019