What you need to know to sell converged solutions

What you need to know to sell converged solutions

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So, you want to sell converged solutions?
Looks like it should be easy. After all, you have been selling compute, storage and networking for years. Converged and hyper-converged infrastructure solutions just put everything in one box, right?
Not so fast.
Even though IDC says the converged market is growing at 4.6% year over year and the hyper-converged market could reach $6.4 billion by 2020, you need to first look at your business and consider the following:

  1. Client Base: What does my existing client base look like? Do converged or hyper-converged solutions fit within the portfolio I am currently selling? What new clients would I like to target? Be sure you are asking your customers about both their short and long-term goals.
  2. Sales Team: Do you have a sales team that can sell solutions? Sure, they might be top-notch at selling storage but are they able to talk to prospects using a consultative approach? It’s quite a change from going from an order-taker to a strategic partner.
  3. Technical Team: Do you have a well-trained technical team that can support your sales efforts? Do they have all of their certifications in place? They must also be able to consult with customers and know how to deploy the new technology.
  4. Vendors: Can you identify which converged or hyper-converged vendors will give you the solutions and support your clients need while helping you attain higher profits? Make sure your technology partner will be offering you marketing programs to generate leads.

If you have the answers to the above, your business may be ready to start selling into this fast-growing and lucrative market. Your customers will benefit from quick deployment, simplicity, flexibility and cost savings when they use converged or hyper-converged solutions.
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Qualification Guidelines
It’s important to determine if your prospect might be a good candidate for enjoying the benefits of converged or hyper-converged solutions. Of course, you will first need to make sure your prospect has the money, authority and desire to make purchase decisions. And finding out who is involved in the decision-making process is also essential. But where do you go from there?
Here are some simple guidelines and questions to help you get the ball rolling:

  • Change your mindset to that of selling a solution instead of point products. Ask the client about their challenges and what they are trying to accomplish.
  • Start with a discussion of virtualization. Many customers are already familiar with virtualization, so the discussion should be focused on their goals.
  • Look for clients with applications like virtual desktop infrastructure, data analytics, software development and testing environments. These are ideal use cases with impressive payoffs.
  • IT departments are expected to do a lot of things. Explore the value of converged and hyper-converged infrastructures with your client.

You Will Find the Right Partner in Arrow
When it comes to converged or hyper-converged infrastructure solutions, Arrow can help you close more deals. You can rely on Arrow’s sales and technical expertise to help increase your revenue while saving time, freeing up resources, reducing costs and mitigating risks. Use Arrow’s expert pre-sales support team, coupled with the Arrow Solutions Lab for design, demos, testing and proof of concept to get more customers and keep them happy.
For additional information on converged or hyper-converged infrastructure solutions, contact your Arrow representative.

Last modified: September 26, 2019