Why Use Arrow’s Financing Services?

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Does the availability of leasing or financing impact an end-user’s choice of vendor? According to a survey conducted by IDC, 68.5% of respondents answered “yes” when it comes to acquiring equipment from a vendor/OEM. 78.8% of respondents also answered “yes” when acquiring equipment from a VAR/channel partner.

US Competitive Survey IDC

Source: US Competitive Survey, published March 2018 (IDC)

Considering the above industry data and the fact that more customers are financing, now is the time for suppliers and partners to ensure they have the right partner to deliver leasing and financing solutions to their channel. The majority of U.S. businesses finance the equipment they need to conduct their business operations. According to a Survey of Equipment Finance Activity from the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association, 2019 marked the ninth year of consecutive growth in the industry.

When was the last time you did business with Arrow Capital Solutions? If you haven’t utilized Arrow’s financing services lately, we’re here to refresh you on our capabilities and let you know about a few new things we have going on. Whether you are looking for traditional financing or custom programs designed to meet your customers’ business needs, Arrow Capital Solutions can handle it all.

Our focus is to create a customer experience that reflects positively on your business and selling motion. Arrow Capital Solutions is uniquely positioned to support both one-off transactions and fully scaled partner programs. For Arrow partners, we offer a special account to place orders that will stay off their open terms, providing you with more spending power.

“Arrow Capital Solutions is incredibly important to Arrow’s partner community – our services help address the accounting and finance challenges of today’s IT world.” –Ben Klay, Vice President, Sales

The benefits of using Arrow Capital Solutions are the same whether you are a large partner or an emerging one. No matter your size, we have a range of offerings, including:

  • All brands of hardware, software and services
  • 100% software and services transactions
  • First payment deferrals
  • Partner and vendor programs
  • Consumption models
  • Managed services
  • Software subscriptions
  • Support around the unique compliance challenges related to the public sector through immixGroup, an Arrow company

What Sets Arrow Capital Solutions Apart

In our continuing effort to drive a complete customer experience, we’re not simply a finance company. Unlike third parties, we are all about providing ease-of-use and adapting to the channel. We’re unique in that way because we sit within a distributor, and we have a view of the channel others do not. Everything done with Arrow Capital Solutions can be done either under Arrow Capital branding or under the branding of the partner. Our exclusive knowledge is an asset to our partners, which helps us aid, support and manage them as we move through transactions.

Our experienced staff will guide you every step of the way so you can manage the customer relationship. Arrow Capital Solutions provides partner coverage by geography. ISRs handle the quote-to-funding process; channel reps focus on program development, management, education as well as onboarding. Overall, we can show you how to effectively integrate financing into your selling motion.

Q2 Promo Extended

You may be aware that Arrow Capital Solutions came out with a short-term financing promo in Q2. Due to the tremendous response, we are going to extend that for the entire third quarter. This promo is designed for partners to enable their clients to close on larger transactions, while enjoying same-as-cash benefits for up to 180 days, helping partners bring deals in through the end of the year.

If you are new to leasing and financing or simply looking for a partner to improve upon your offerings, we would welcome the opportunity to earn your business.

Contact Arrow Capital Solutions so we can assess what kind of customized finance plan will benefit your customers the most!

Last modified: August 6, 2019